About Us – J. Abrams

About Us

J. Abrams is a unique brand created and stationed in Houston, Texas. The main focus of the JA brand is to provide a defining product with a Ready to Wear feel that are interchangeable in the streets and formal wear.

Our central goal is to display a new outlook on how we approach fashion and style. Fashion itself gives each individual a look of their own and we want to make you a more creative and unique you.


What is Fashion to Us?

Fashion to us is summarized into three words; history, art & creativity. Great fashion and even sometimes fad trends are so impactful on the status quoa of the industry it is only right that we as designers pay homage and recognize that greatness and try our best to reconstruct and allow that fashion style to exist and thrive today. True style to us is not restricted to a particular time. Art in its rawest form is supposed to remain timeless especially when combined with true creativity, time and an active effort to connect the blurred lines of the designer and consumer


Who Are We?

J. Abrams is a two man team; "J" for JV and "Abrams" for Abraham.


 I thought I  saw this last season, what changed?

Often times we recognize that some products we have distributed in past collections just did not get the buzz we were looking for OR we had an overwhelming demand for the item, therefore we take it back to the drawing board. From collection to collection EVERY product (if re-released) has been adjusted and upgraded or enhanced to properly fit into the style for that period so don't miss out because we DO NOT give out the same items more than once when ordered out of THAT season